Stones Pebbles & Pavers

We specialise in landscaping with the use of stones,pavers and bark chips/nuggets.
Be water-wise and decorate your premises with stones, pavers and bark chips/nuggets.
let us give a marvelous new look to your back or front garden.

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Save water in removing old grass or areas of your garden that are difficult to maintain.

Steps taken to ensure the best results:

1 Owner supervision.
2 Excavation of lawn.
3 Ground leveling.
4 Compaction if necessary.
5 Application of weed suppression bidim or plastic.
6 Correct depth of stones.

By accurate leveling and correct depth of stones we ensure that:

1 Stones do not roll naturally into the road.
2 No plastic or bidim becomes visible in the future.

Other services offered:

1 Topup of stones.
2 Repairing of previous stone jobs.